BTI's Tactical Tools boast unbeatable quality, backed by a lifetime warranty, that makes them the favorite brand of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Browse our selection of rams, halligans and hammers that will help your team get the job done. 

All BTI Tactical tool heads (Eagle, Hornet, Halligan, Lite Halligan and Sledge Hammer) are QPQ treated: Quench, Polish, Quench is a specialized salt bath nitrating process to steel that provides a thin, high hardness case to the surface of the steel that is wear and corrosion resistant. 

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The BTI Talon

Titanium Halligan Tool

Our lightest and strongest tool yet.

Mity Mouse Ram

Wasp Ram

Pac Ram

Warhead Two-Man Ram




Lite Halligan

Crook Hook

Break & Rake

Grim Reaper

Fire Fighter Halligan

Sledge Hammer

24" Bolt Cutters

18" Bolt Cutters

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