Tool Holders

BTI tool holders are designed to fit most BTI tactical tools, and are built with durable and heat-resistant material. BTI 2-piece Break & Rake and 2-piece Halligan also use a smaller handle holder. 

Item #: HLT (Tool Holder, fits most BTI Breaching Tools)

Item #: HLH (Handle Holder, fits handle of 2-piece Break & Rake and 2-piece Halligan.)

Bolt Cutter Holders

Designed for our rugged and dependable bolt cutters, the bolt cutter holders can accommodate 18" and 24" bolt cutters. 

Item #: HLC (For 18" Bolt Cutters)

Item #: HLC2 (For 24" Bolt Cutters)



Sling for The Eagle

BTI offers a special sling designed for our most advanced breaching tool, The Eagle. The quick-release straps make transportation simple and easy.  

Item #: SLNG