BTI Shotgun Hinge Door

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The BTI Shotgun Hinge Door utilizes patented lock panels and hinges. Visit our page about shotgun door inserts to learn more about the systems. 

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The Shotgun Hinge Door

The BTI Shotgun Hinge Door incorporates a unique inward falling door designed to protect trainees once the door has been breached. Our Shotgun Hinge Door can simulate up to a 3-hinge set utilizing the patented hinge system with built-in blast deflector and patented 1-shot and 2-shot Shotgun Hinge Panels.


The Breaching hinge panels are manufactured to simulate breaching door hinges. Once the hinges are breached, the inward falling door falls away from the trainees allowing for tactical entry by walking over the door. The door is coated with a non-skid surface providing stability and traction for a safe training environment. 

The Shotgun Hinge Door may be installed into an existing structure or utilized with an optional Leg Kit

Item #: SDH

  • 225 lbs

  • 84" Tall by 40" wide

  • Inward falling ​