Ram-Pry Door

The BTI Ram-Pry Door utilizes wood fillers and patented Breaching Pins.

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The BTI Ram-Pry Door

The BTI Ram-Pry Door is a versatile inward and outward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable ram and pry breach training. This door is engineered to quickly convert into an inward opening ram door. The patented pry system can be efficiently removed from the door to convert the system for ram training, then easily reconvert. 

Along with the breaching pins, the Ram-Pry Door utilizes a low cost wood insert to accept the use of a halligan tool or similar prying tool. The use of the wood insert allows for realistic training in setting a halligan or other similar tool and prying an outward opening door. 

The Ram-Pry Door may be installed in an existing building or utilized with the optional Leg Kit

Item #: RPD

  • 305 lbs

  • 84" Tall by 42.75" wide

  • Right and left side opening