BTI Breaching Pins

BTI's unique training door system relies on the use of specialized breaching pins that are designed to replicate real world forces found in the field of operation. These pins come in 3 different styles to replicate a reinforced frame, wood frame and metal frame. The pins can be used in multiple configurations in various BTI Breaching doors to replicate any breaching situation found in the field by breaking at different levels of exerted force. All BTI Breaching Pins are sold in quantities of 100. 

BTI pins

Item #: PINW (400PSI/Wood Frame)

White Breaching Pins, Bag of 100

BTI Pins

Item #: PINB (600PSI/Metal Frame)

Blue Breaching Pins, Bag of 100

BTI pins

Item #: PINR (900PSI/Reinforced Frame)

Red Breaching Pins, Bag of 100