Lite Ram Door

Literamdoor final.jpg

Introducing BTI’s new, light-weight (50% lighter) Ram breaching doors, equipped with casters on the front for easy mobility. Both are ideal for classrooms with indoor instruction, and teaching basic mechanics of breaching. Each door can be made to fit modular shoot houses or moved around easily in a fixed shoot house for different scenarios (Can also be used with a leg kit). The door utilizes one pin for economy. 


The Lite Ram Door can be ordered with Upgrades. BTI offers 2 upgrades to the door.  The first is a door knob upgrade that is utilized to teach the student to check the door knob prior to breaching the door.  The second option is a life-like vinyl door finish applied to the skin of the door providing a realistic look to the training door.  The Lite Ram Door can be ordered with either option or both options for a nominal price. 

Item #: RDL