The Hornet

The BTI Hornet is an affordable, light-weight tactical tool that features an extremely durable fiberglass handle. This tool is also fitted with the same hardened Eagle Head as the Eagle Breaching Tool, and is manufactured with a 24 inch handle or 30 inch handle.

The multi-function head can be utilized as a sledge hammer, halligan tool and hinge raking tool, eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. The Hornet heads are constructed of QPQ- treated, HRc-45 hardened steel and feature a sledge hammer face and dual-split blades, slightly angled, for easy prying of doors and hinges. This tool can be easily transported with BTI tool holders

Item #: HNT 

  • QPQ-treated HRc-45 hardened steel head

  • Fiberglass handle

  • 24" Long 

  • 7 Lbs 

Item #: HNTC

  • QPQ-treated HRc-45 hardened steel head

  • Fiberglass handle

  • 30" Long 

  • 8 Lbs 

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