Frequently Asked Questions

Do BTI doors come with Leg Kits & Pins?

No, all leg kits and consumables must be purchased separately. Leg kits are not required when mounting door to a fitted structure.

What are the dimensions of BTI doors?

BTI doors can range from 39.75"- 48.25" in width & 83.75" in height. See Maunals for exact specs and mounting instructions for all doors.

How much do BTI doors weigh?

BTI doors range from 135lb (Lite Door) to 550lb (Hydraulic Door).


What is the maximum & minimum explosive weight charge for the BTI explosive door?

BTI has successfully breached our Explosive Door with 300 GPF (grains per foot) using a pushing/tamped charge. The bomb technician/explosive breacher, engineer, sapper or whomever is in charge of the range should use common sense when using explosives. The maximum charge should be the charged deemed safe by the individual in charge that successfully opens the door. We recommend the metal surface be examined for cracks and x-rayed on a regular basis for safety.

Can you order a custom door?

Yes, BTI tries to accommodate our customers with custom orders. BTI works with our engineer at the customers expense to design and build custom projects.


Can BTI doors be installed into cinder block?

Yes, but BTI recommends the rough opening be lined with wood or steel to reduce stress on the mounting points. Lining the rough opening distributes force.

Whats the difference between the color coded BTI pins?

BTI engineers the pins to break at different forces so replicating "real life" forces are possible. White or clear pins break at the equivalent of approximately 400 pounds per square inch. Blue pins break at approximately 600 pounds per square inch. Red pins break at approximately 900 pounds per square inch. With a 3 lock set, applicable forces can be adjusted from 400 lbs to 2700 lbs.

Does the BTI hydraulic door have leg kits?

The hydraulic door is a very heavy door requiring a 215 lb base plate (at an additional cost). The base is only required when using the door free standing. The base is not required when mounting the door into an existing structure.