Explosive Breaching Kit

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The Explosive Breaching Kit consists of a patented and re-usable frame designed to hold commercial grade doors (the Explosive Breaching Stand) along with a leg kit. The kit is designed to withstand operational explosive charges commonly found in real world scenarios. Operators can train explosive breaching on doors they encounter while deployed in the field.


The Explosive Breaching stand, leg kit and 15 doors ( 5 hollow core wood, 5 solid core wood and 5 metal) are included with the kit. High quality replacement doors (hollow core wood, solid wood and metal) are available from BTI at competitive prices. 

Item #: EBK (Explosive breaching Kit) includes:

  • Explosive Breaching Stand (Item #: EBS)

  • Leg Kit (Item #: LK)

  • 5 Hollow core wood doors (Item #: EDHC)

  • 5 Solid core wood doors (Item #: EDSC)

  • 5 Metal doors (Item # EDM)