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Operators can choose between a detachable or fixed head.  The detachable head can be removed with the included removal tool with is threaded into the bottom of the handle. A specialized sling is also available for the Eagle (Item # SLNG)

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Eagle-Specific Warranty:


The BTI Eagle breaching head and handle are warranted for the life of the product. The locking collar and mechanism are warranted for one year from date of purchase. Any deviation of the product's intended use shall void the warranty. Return shipping excluded. 

The Eagle

This unique design was developed with portability and  reliability in mind. The Eagle was developed in collaboration with the US Marine Corp and tested at the MOE School. The rugged construction of this unique tool and collapsible handle are designed for easy transport by military and law enforcement field operators who value compact equipment. The multi-function head can be utilized as a sledge hammer, halligan tool and hinge raking tool, eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. The Eagle breaching heads are constructed of QPQ- treated, HRc-45 hardened steel and feature a sledge hammer face and dual-split blades, slightly angled, for easy prying of doors and hinges.

The collapsible handle is constructed of 4130 chrome moly steel with a knurled grip. Quick deployment of the collapsible handle and detachable head are made possible by manipulating the HRc-45 hardened steel locking nuts utilizing Triple Start Acme threads. 

Item #: EGL (Detachable Head) or EGLF (Fixed Head)

  • QPQ-Treated HRc-45 hardened steel head

  • 4130 chrome moly steel collapsible handle

  • 15.75" Collapsed Length         

  • 24.5" Extended length

  • 10 Lbs