Burglar Bar Door

The BTI Burglar Bar Door utilizes replaceable bars, specialized wood inserts, and the patented Breaching Pins.

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The Burglar Bar Door

The BTI Burglar Bar Door is an outward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable life-like burglar bar breach training. This product can be used in conjunction with a previously installed Ram Door or Shotgun Door, or may be erected with the optional Leg Kit and a shorter Burglar Bar Leg Kit for use in conjunction with BTI Ram and Shotgun Doors. 

The Burglar Bar Door can simulate up to a 2-lock set utilizing the built-in locking system and Breaching Pins in conjunction with the replaceable steel bars and wood inserts. The breaching pins, replaceable steel bar, and wood block simulate the forces necessary to pull the steel bar away from the burglar bar lock with a halligan or similar pry tool so that entry can be made. 

The design of the door allows for life-like simulation of setting the pry tool and actually prying the door open. The replacement steel bar bends and the breaching pins break, only when enough force is exerted by the trainee to breach the door. 

Item #: BBD

  • 270 lbs

  • 84" Tall by 48.25" wide

  • Right side opening


 Item # BBB (replaceable bars for Burglar Bar Door)