BTI Breaching Window

The BTI Breaching Window allows for training of quick and efficient window breaching using real glass windows. the 39" by 39" training window frame can be mounted into an existing building or can be used with an optional free-standing window stand, and fits the standard 35" x 35" glass pane. Our quick release T-handle adjustable locking handles and rubberized frame allow for the use of different window pane thickness and styles, and prevents glass breakage during installation. An upper steel window channel and lower steel window ridge allow the glass panes to be installed quickly and efficiently, reducing the resent time during training. Broken glass can be quickly removed from the frame after breaching to prevent injury. BTI offers customized windows as well, please contact us with the specifics of your project. 

Item #: WIN

  • 39" x 39"

Item #: WSD (Window Stand)

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