About Breaching Technologies Inc. 

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           Breaching Technologies Inc. was founded in 2003 by Darron Phillips, a 28 year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department and has extensive experience in tactical training and explosives. He recognized the need to provide law enforcement and operators with the most life-like breach training possible, and the value of life-saving tactical gear for these individuals. He developed a mechanical ram breach training door with a one-of-a-kind lock and panel system that allows simulation of various forces found in real-world scenarios. His patented system has been integrated into an extensive selection of breach training doors and has proven to be the first choice for military and law enforcement worldwide. 

BTI's tactical breaching tools are engineered with unique precision and unbeatable quality, and our innovative designs strive to provide solutions in various tactical situations. Our sales team has extensive experience and knowledge about BTI products and tactical training methods, and can work with operators to find the best tools and products for your training needs. 

All BTI products are awarded GSA Schedule 84 contract number GS-07F-0206T, and offer GSA pricing to local and state law enforcement through the Cooperative Purchasing Program. Click here to learn more

The BTI Team
Darron Phillips



Darron Phillips is the founder of BTI, a 28 year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department with an extensive background in tactical training. 

Bart Mora

President of Sales and Marketing


Bart Mora is a 31 year veteran of the ATF, member of ATF National and Special Response Team,  a certified explosives specialist and experienced explosive training instructor. 

Rocky Dyer

VP of Sales and Marketing


Rocky Dyer is a 5-year US Air Force veteran and served 31 years on the San Antonio Police Department. 

Jackie Phillips 


Lauren Pennington

Office Manager

Gilbert Cano Jr.

Warehouse Operations